One Tree Books hosted out first Saturday session upstairs

30 Oct


Red Pear Puppets with Suseela, Amanda controlling the rods and characters and Lynne narrating the story were all set up and aided by Eli at the camera filming as well as shifting scenery.


We all had a lot of fun and the event passed smoothly with a real buzz downstairs as well as upstairs in

One Tree Books.


A film to follow soon…and watch this space for news of next performance..very exciting!!..possibly with ukele on my knee….plinky plink plink….

29th October 2011


Red Pear Puppets

14 Apr

In this lockdown maybe it’s time to think again of making puppets …turned out there was just too much to do!


Well…I have now completed two performances of the Mongolian Boy and his Rather Strange Horse. The first was for an audience of mainly very small people and their mums and a yurt. My two lovely daughters manned the rod puppets and I told the story. The children were very good and they engaged with the characters and the story but in truth it was probably a bit too ‘old’ for them. Eli and Vicki then won them all over by making impromptu hobby horses to give away from the scraps of cardboard and hazel wands.

Add the body and legs with little sewn on sprockets

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Cleaning Rollers and Brayers

7 Apr

Source: Cleaning Rollers and Brayers

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12 Apr

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Wenlock Road Commission

4 Aug


This blog begins with the documentation of the installation of my mural for Wenlock Road. But that doesn’t begin for another week, and all the pics I took when we inspected the render panel on the corner of the building on Wednesday, are stuck on a card which, for some reason won’t download.
Next time I’ll use my i-Phone!   Good news – Gary Drostle begins marking out on Monday. Can’t wait to see it taking shape. e-Composite10modified

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Also Blogging on…..

10 Jun

So busy these days..and so much to think about and do…sadly my lovely puppetry has had to be side lined for the moment.

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

Loving my June garden

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

Gorgeous white foxgloves

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

Wish you could hear the birds singing

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

little strawberry flowers peeping out..afraid the birds are making very busy notes  on the whereabouts of each and every one!

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

Cares of the world What to do about all this equality!!

The Women’s Equality Party question I keep getting asked …

10 Jun

Why women’s equality party uk…

Not Writing But Blogging

Why the WOMEN’S Equality Party?
Why not the Equality Party?

So, I wasn’t going to do this, as I think it’s self-evident, as I think many of those un-persuaded are often not interested in being persuaded (ie, are asking it merely to barb), as I find it quite painful that anyone might not have noticed there is a case, specifically, for the as-yet-still-unachieved equality of over 50% of the world.

Last night I was asked again, by someone I respect, so here’s my answer.
It’s not WE’s standard answer, which is, usually, “It was debated and discussed at two public meetings. And decided upon because equality for women is better for everyone”.
It’s a true and accurate answer, and also brief. Which is great, because it states a truth: a thing didn’t happen yet, a thing that would be better for everyone – and a remedy: so we’re working on…

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The World

9 Jun




When the red bus died its odometer would indicate

enough miles to circle the globe four times, yet it

accumulated all its miles in a circuitous route within

the port town of Wilmington, The Heart of the Harbor

of Los Angeles.

At the helm of the red bus, Lazaro

Fuentes, a bright, philosophical man, saw himself as

a direct contributor to the transportation industry of a thriving city.

For more than thirty years, at exactly 5:00 am, the captain stepped out of his small, attractive house in east Wilmington to begin the important duties of his day.

First he carefully adjusted his pilot’s hat, a symbol of his authority, which he conferred upon himself. In his early thirties, Lázaro had lost his youthful lankiness and had settled into a compact body, with a barrel chest and strong arms, yet he had begun to favor…

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The Mind Movie

24 Feb


We all play a mind movie at most times. In some ways, it is a useful function of the mind, yet it is the source of much confusion and unhappiness.  Learning how to see things as they are could well make us more aware of the beauty that surrounds us.

The mind has a tremendous ability to imagine how the future could pan out. This is a great faculty on a practical level, let’s say to plan a trip or to make a meal. However,  I believe that it becomes problematic as soon as we use it on a psychological level. When we are in touch with ‘what is’ without judging it with the yard stick of ‘what could’ or ‘what should be’, then we are likely to be much more appreciative and alert to what is in front of us. Observing my younger son,  confirms this frequently.

The two of us are currently…

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writing in another blog

12 Nov

Do come and visit xxx

Pascale Petit and Lawand

17 Oct

Love Pascale Petit’s poetry and these images are haunting



I would like to suggest this book launch to everyone interested in poetry and art.

Award winning poet Pascale Petit presents her latest collection Effigies, 15 poems directly inspired

by the hauntingly emotive drawings of Syrian Kurdish artist Lawand. 

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